Remove ids in contribution list

I am running my own instance of Indico. I now asked myself if it is possible to get rid
of the ID’s shown for each item in the overview of contributions for an event. Indeed it
feels a little bit odd as the database ids are not in the order of the
contributions order on the list. Is there an easy way to disable it
or do I have to patch the view for removing displaying ids from there?


this should be possible with a template override:

You need to adapt {% macro _render_contribution_row(timezone, contrib, with_session_info=true) %}
in …/events/contributions/templates/display/_contribution_list.html

For further details how to create an override template, please check the docs (Settings — Indico 2.3.5 documentation as a startingpoint).


PS: The numbers are the submission order of the contributions, while the sorting typically is by time slot.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will give this a try.