Dear All,

How to set default reply/sender id as “” in or which file to modify it for this to take place?


reply_to_address = SelectField(_('Sender'), [DataRequired()],
                               description=_('The email address that will show up as the sender.'))

Anilkumar Naik

You can do something like this:

diff --git a/indico/modules/events/models/ b/indico/modules/events/models/
index 8a0ae8b368..fdfe8432f9 100644
--- a/indico/modules/events/models/
+++ b/indico/modules/events/models/
@@ -831,7 +831,10 @@ class Event(SearchableTitleMixin, DescriptionMixin, LocationMixin, ProtectionMan
                   for email, name in emails.items()
                   if email and email.strip()}
         own_email = if has_request_context() and session.user else None
-        return OrderedDict(sorted(list(emails.items()), key=lambda x: (x[0] != own_email, x[1].lower())))
+        return OrderedDict(
+            [('', 'Event Support <>')] +
+            sorted(list(emails.items()), key=lambda x: (x[0] != own_email, x[1].lower()))
+        )

     def has_feature(self, feature):

Note that this will affect ALL places where get_allowed_sender_emails is used.

I would recommend leaving the default, especially if you do not plan to make other modifications in the code.

Now we get the eventmaster in the list of senders. thanks.
we have categories as below

  1. seminars --> DAA
    –> STCS
    –> so on

each category DAA or STCS like to have their template of email reminders. what we doing is, getting the event by indico json url and sending the email scheduled. now that indico reminders have log and better debugging. how do we have different email templates per category?

Secondly, same apply to event printing, we like different styling/formatting for event printing too. is it possible?

Thank you.

That’s not really something indico supports, but you could try using template customization (or directly edit the template if you change the core anyway) to override the template for the reminder email (event_reminder.txt) and use different content depending e.g. on the event.category_id.

PS: Depending on what you intend to change there, this is likely going to be very ugly since this particular template is for a plaintext email which is extremely sensitive to whitespace.

yes, better not make core changes so end up with lot bugs. alternative, earlier it was possible to have indico_shell to write small tweaks in old indico version. is it still available in indico 2.x ? how do simply query a python program to get the today’s event and set the email?

sorry for bothering with lot of questions.

It’s called indico shell now, same functionally, just fancier (you can run it with -v to see all the custom globals available in it without importing them).

But this never allowed to make permanent changes to indico functionality, just to access/modify data stored in the database.