Registration process & programme management

Hello Indico community,

I’ve got a few questions as I’m a new user of Indico.

I need to moderate registrations as they’re conditioned by the approval of the abstracts proposed by the registrees. But when we accept an invitation, is there an automatic email sent to the registree? If so, I don’t see where I can configure it.

Is it possible for Indico to issue automatically a registration number once the registration has been accepted by the event manager? This number could be referenced in the payment communication … easier for accountancy to track payments.

Thirdly, in the schedule, I have added hours by mystake (or rather for testing), but now I can’t remove/delete these hours. How can I remove hours from the agenda?

Finally, due to the pandemic, we fully organize our event online. Presentations will take different formats: videos, online lectures, posters, document before debate, etc. For the videos, is it possible to link the video file to the session? Is it possible to upload videos onto Indico, onto a specific session? Is it then possible to upload a document onto a session (discussion) which will be based on that document?

Thank you very much in advance for your help and tips!!