QR Code with Barcode Scanner


The QR code you can enable for ticket, can only be scanned by the app as far as i see. There is no way to use a standart usb hand bar scanner and the website, or am i wrong ? Some People want to use it on (windows) computer where no extra software can be installed. Of yourse you can programm stuff like that but they want it to use the next week already…

PS: Indico 2.3.X

Well a hand-held QR code scanner could read it, but you always need some application that can understand its meaning - regardless of the barcode type. So even if it was a simple 1-dimensional barcode you’d need to run something that can make sense of the number or whatever the code includes

PS: Indico 2.3 is no longer supported, you should really update to v3!

What is contaiend in the ticket qr code:
a json array with the following fields:

{ server_url: “…”, event_id="…:", registrant_id:"…", version: “1”, checkin_secret: “…” }

So yes, you need a special app to handle this qr-code. Maybe you can build the indico app for use in browser context, at least the framework used should support it. Check the cordova docs for this.

CORS on the Indico API endpoints may be a problem…

yeah i know, that we would need a special app for that , i get the order to still check it here in the forum. Don´t think that i will ever get any programming humon ressources for stuff like that for inidco, but i really adminre that all the programmers give so fast feedback to any questens here. Better than many other paid products in the it :wink:

:slight_smile: Have a nice day

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I tested it, it actually could work ( you need to hook up the QR-reader as keyboard as a dialog will pop up with the current qr lib used).