Protecting - i.e. restricting access to - custom pages for speakers only

We would like to be able to provide custom pages that are only viewable by speakers.

On these pages will be continually updated details about how to use zoom, including the codes, etc. etc. so we don’t want anyone but speakers to know about or access these pages.

We know how to create custom pages in Indico but wondered if there’s a way of protecting these so they only appear in the menu and can only be seen by all confirmed speakers.

We considered ‘security by obscurity’, i.e. creating a custom page but not adding it to the menu, and then emailing the speakers with the URL. Apart from the obvious security issue, this also doesn’t work for speakers as they have to keep a record of the URL and end up just asking us for a reminder instead (hence wanting it to appear in the menu for them, but only them).

If there isn’t a way to show/hide it in the menu based on the logged in user, a minimum requirement would be to include it in the menu for all, and then for non-authorised users who click the menu link they would get a message (instead of the page content) that ‘this content is for confirmed speakers only’ (or similar).

Hope that makes sense! Any ideas how to achieve this would be welcome, especially if there’s a plugin already out there (I looked but couldn’t find anything)…

It’s already possible to restrict a custom page to registered participants, but not to speakers. Sounds like an interesting idea though… Feel free to open it as a suggestion on :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any plugins etc. that provide such functionality.

Thanks for the quick reply - I’ll add an issue as you suggest.

We’re just in the process of upgrading and your reply about restricting custom pages to registered participants drew my attention to the new feature so thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile: (Indico - Indico 2.3 - Made at home 🏠)