Problems with Importing from CSV

Hello. Within a conference, I am attempting to upload a CSV file, without success. With or without a date time entry, I receive a “Row 1: can’t parse date” error and cannot proceed further. I have tried blank dates, every ISO 8601 format I can, without success. Can someone help point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

Can you provide an excerpt from the CSV file you are using?

Here’s one attempt:

,30,"Lead, Equip, and Innovate: Developing the Next Generation of Faculty",David,Bury,, 
,30,Leading Change: Navigating Organizational Culture,Michael,Dickman,,
,90,Beyond the Walls: Alternative Learning Environments,Samuel,Tiglao,,

Here’s another:

2019-11-05T09:15:00+07,30,"Lead, Equip, and Innovate: Developing the Next Generation of Faculty",David,Bury,, 
2019-11-05T09:45:00+07,30,Leading Change: Navigating Organizational Culture,Michael,Dickman,,
2019-11-05T10:30:00+07,90,Beyond the Walls: Alternative Learning Environments,Samuel,Tiglao,,

So, to fix this you should get rid of the timezone offset e.g. +07. You should provide a naive datetime e.g. 2019-11-05T09:15:00. Keep in mind that these times should be in the event’s timezone.

Thank you. I tried that as well, with the same result. Is the time a required field, or only the title?

No, the datetime field can be omitted. That is pretty strange that you run into this problem since I tried it myself and it worked for me.

To make everything clear:

  1. which version of Indico are you using


Odd. I’m running 2.1.10, on Debian 10.

Just to confirm. You are trying to import contributions to your event, right?

That is correct, a conference specifically.

Hm, then I would advise you to actually check it with a debugger because I can’t find a possible reason (in the code) why this would fail… or maybe just send me the CSV file that you are using.

@BarrettHC you could always try to import the data from the command line (indico shell) and try to drill down into the problem. Alternative, you could post an actual copy of the file you’re uploading on here. We could then try it out ourselves. But it would be best to upload the actual file, not just paste the content.