Pip install indico ubuntu error

in indico installation for ubuntu

  • I get the attached error in the pip install indico command?

I would appreciate your help.

Please follow our setup guide. Most likely you’re using an outdated (or at least too old) Python version. Also, you should use a venv (with the latest pip & setuptools inside) and not install everything globally.

Edit: I just had a closer look and it’s indeed because you’re using Python 3.8 and not 3.9 as required. So pip's dependency resolver looks for a version that (it thinks) is compatible, and since the legacy versions (such as 1.2) do not have any metadata about which Python versions are supported (because such metadata simply was not available back then), it tries to install one of these versions - which fails of course since it’s ultra legacy Python 2 code from over 5 years ago.

thank you.