Modify the processing of "$" in postal address

Hello dear Indico team.

I would like to ask you to introduce the following behavior of Indico.

When a field in LDAP server is related to postal address
and the field’s value contains dollar “$” for a new line,
then Indico in section “My Profile” -> Settings -> Personal data -> Details -> field Address
to show new lines instead of “$”.

Many users in our LDAP server are registered with multi-line postal address.

The following convention has been used:

Postal Address
The postal address syntax may be used to hold multi-line mailing address values,
in which the dollar sign is used as the line delimiter. Each line may be comprised
of one or more UTF-8 characters, except that within each line the dollar sign
must be escaped as “\24” and the backslash character must be escaped as “\5c”.

For example, the value “John Doe$123 Main Street$PO Box 456$Anytown, US 12345”
is used to indicate the following multi-line address:

John Doe
123 Main Street
PO Box 456
Anytown, US 12345

The postal address syntax is defined in RFC 4517 section 3.3.28 and has an OID of “”.

Is it possible for you to implement this behavior in Indico?

Thanks in advance.

This would certainly be something to be implemented in Flask-Multipass. The tricky part here is that this apparently should be applied only to an address field so we’d need to find some way to indicate in the config which field is an address field (without relying on a specific field name, because I guess this isn’t the same on every LDAP server)