Modification button label

Hy, is it possible to modify the label of the button on the authentification page. I join a picture.

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This title is the title of the corresponding AUTH_PROVIDERS entry in indico.conf; so if you change it there (and reload uwsgi) it will update.

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is it also possible to change the “Indico” Button? I can’t find the right part in “indico.conf”.


What exactly? Do you mean the logo? This is using the standard indico logo so unless you add an alias in the webserver to serve a different file for that path you can’t easily change it.

No I meant the “Login with Indico” Part some people wanted that changed. But because you are using the “active_provider.title” as the name I think it is only doable if we are working there with an if clause right?


You are right, this cannot be easily overridden atm, it’s coming from the hardcoded title here: