Meeting minutes (sessions)

Hi Team,
I created a meeting, and secretary took notes. I noticed all invites (from group) are able to changes the minutes.
Is it possible to grant session meeting minutes to i.e. secretary role ?
Many thanks.

Only managers have the right to edit the minutes/notes everywhere in the event.

Besides that, users who are “submitters” on the event can create event-wide minutes, and “submitters” on a contribution can write minutes for their contribution.

You can remove submitter rights in both cases, but then these people also won’t be able to upload materials for their contributions.

Thank you for the clarification.
If I translate correctly, I need to review the roles and responsabilities on “group” assignments. Right?

Not sure what you mean - when you edit the protection or speakers of the contribution, you can grant/revoke the submission privilege. For the event itself you can do it either by editing the chairperson/speaker (depending on the event type) or by editing the submitter list on the protection page.

Oh, I just noticed that you are talking about sessions. For sessions only event managers and session managers can edit notes.