Login problems with indico 3.0.3 and mixed login (LDAP and local indico accounts)


I did an upgrade to indico 3.0.3 from 2.3.5 today for the indico.belle2.org instance. The update runs without errors, and logins worked fine after the upgrade, but since an hour or so every login attempt, no matter if ldap or local login is used results in a “Too many failed login attempts. Please wait 13 minutes.”-error. Any hints for solving this?

Thanks in advance

As a workaround you can disable login rate limits using FAILED_LOGIN_RATE_LIMIT = None.

However, if the rate limit fails without failed attempts (in fact I got it on a first failed attempt, so it’s clearly the case) I have the feeling your Indico instance may be behind a reverse proxy / loadbalancer that’s not correctly forwarding the user’s IP address, or you don’t have USE_PROXY = True in indico.conf, so bad login attempts would all count for the same IP… You can check the IPs in indico.log to confirm this.

Thanks, that’s it. I’ll talk to the loadbalancer team to find a way to get the IP Addresses forwarded. Thanks again for the fast help.