Link between room booking and event creation not working

According to, it should be easy to book a room during event creation and when you book a room, it should pick and suggest an event that you created at the same time without a room assigned… At our site, it doesn’t seem to work as documented, in particular:

  • If I select a room during the event creation, I don’t get, as in the example given, a green box saying that the room seems to be free and allowing me to book it. I sometimes get after the creation an orange box suggesting to do it (and without mention of the actual availability).

  • When I book a room, I don’t see an event without a room assigned, created by me, at the same time…

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Should I open issues?


Ping… I just tested at CERN Indico and saw it was working as announced for booking the room during event creation. Is it just that CERN is ahead of the official 2.2 ? Or should I report the problem as an issue ?

Not sure what I made wrong but creating an Indico event this morning, I was proposed to book it at the time of the creation, exactly like at CERN…