JSON output of selected contributions ideally with schedule information


We are working with some abstract book typesetters who are in principle happy to work with JSON data, but want us to provide the abstract ordered ideally as close to the print version as possible. I had the idea to separate the contributions into separate JSON files, one for plenary lectures (sorted according to the timetable in chronological order), one for parallel session talks (chronological), one for posters (sorted by last name). These are planned to be separate sections in the abstract book.

On the manage > abstracts view, it is possible to filter and select abstracts of a specific accepted type and export them in a JSON file. This JSON file does not contain chronological information.

On the manage > contributions view, it is only possible to select and export as PDF, CSV, but not JSON. The only means of obtaining JSON output of contributions appear to be via the HTTP API. I tried the CSV export as well, but it doesn’t contain the full list of authors, affiliations and emails (person link), only the name of the presenters, so we don’t have all the information required.

Using the HTTP API, exporting the event with detail of contributions, I get all the contributions of the event, with all types of contributions (plenaries, parallel talks, posters) mixed in. The order seems to be random.

Using the HTTP API, exporting the event with detail of sessions, I get the sessions of the event with any contributions that have been scheduled under them. However, this excludes contributions that were not yet scheduled. Also, the order of the sessions seems to be random, and the order of contributions within the sessions seem to be random.

I am getting OK at selecting items using Indico shell and can generate lists based on contribution type. Is there a way to output JSON from a list created by Indico shell? Even if we cannot do the sorting chronologically, I think it will be really helpful to be able to output JSONs/lists with full author information as separate files categorized by contribution type.

If there is a way to export JSON from indico shell, is there a way to generate a chronologically ordered list? I guess it should be possible to sort by Contribution.start_dt? If not I will probably check if the typesetters would do it by hand.

If both the above requests are possible… For the parallel sessions, the ideal thing would be for the contributions to be sorted according to time in each session block, with the session blocks being sorted according to date/time in the program. We have a somewhat complicated timetable with many parallel sessions. So, I guess the question is actually, how to get a list of the session block IDs, then I can try to sort them by start_dt.

I am not as worried about sorting by last name since the typesetters seem happy to do that.

Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts - sorry that I have so many questions!


Again answering my own question, in case it is useful for anyone else in the future…

I decided to do this by reorganizing the JSON output from the HTTP API. I documented these scripts here: https://github.com/selkieupsilon/euroismar-indicoscripts

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