Issues with event protection


We have a single category event system (one category – Home) where we list all categories.

I have been trying to protect a single event (rather that the whole category) and although I can see the protection settings, I cannot see how to add a list (group) of users who I ONLY want to be able to register – i.e. restrict registration to a list.

Of people rather that allowing everybody to register.

I can see how I may do it using a category hierarchy, but we don’t really want to do that.

Interestingly, when I try things out on our test system, it does say the event is protected, but it doesn’t seem to apply any – I added a group to the event but can register as somebody not in that group.

We are currently on version 2.1.11, but do intent to go to 2.3, hopefully in the next 6 months.


It is not possible to restrict registrations based on group membership (or anything else besides “can access the event”). A possible workaround would be making the registration form moderated and only accept registrations from people in the correct group (you’d have to verify this manually though).

Thanks - what about in 2.2 (that would accelerate installing it LOL)