Is there any way to allow Indico administrators to accept/deny new Indico account creation requests?


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Is there any way to allow Indico administrators to accept/deny new Indico account creation requests?

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Przemyslaw Tokarski
NCBJ, Lodz, Poland


Hey Przemysław,

if your Indico instance supports creation of local accounts then it is just a matter of changing one configuration option in the Indico configuration file. You can check here the full explanation of this option.



Thank You, I’ll do it in a moment.


Sorry for the delay, I had to go about some other stuff.

I have edited ‘/opt/indico/etc/indico.conf’ and added at the end the following options (according to the manual):


The whole Idico server has been rebooted (don’t know how to restart Indico itself).
I’m trying to create new Idico accout. I have submitted an e-mail address for verification. Mail has been
sent to it (but this mail says nothing that account creation requires Indico admin approval). I (as Indico admin have received no e-mail at all). So, where does that approval take place, at which stage of Indico account creation?

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so, first and foremost values for those configuration options should be of type bool not string (even though it will work since converting a non-empty string to a boolean always evaluates to True anyway), e.g.


Whenever someone tries to register, they first need to provide their email address. We send them a link to an actual registration form. If the LOCAL_MODERATION is enabled there is an additional field in which the user has to provide the reason why they would like to create an Indico account (like on the screenshot below)

After the user submits the form we send an email to relevant users stating that there is an account which awaits approval. Apart from the notification, administrators can see all of the registration requests in Administration -> Users -> Registration requests (or simply https:///admin/users/registration-requests/)

Hope that helps.



Great, I’ll check this out tomorrow, though (I have to leave now) and let You know whether it worked or not.

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It works like a charm :). Thank You very much for your help. I still have a couple of other questions, I’ll create another topic to ask them, though.

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