Is it possible to declare a category read-only

I was wondering if there was an easy way to declare that no new event can be created in a category and all its subcategories (whatever the protection is for all these subcategories). I found a parameter saying that event creation should be notified to Indico admins but none preventing this to happen.


Restrict event creation and add nobody to the ACL with creation permissions. Then only managers can create events. There is no way to completely disable event creation in a category for everyone.

Note: This cannot be inherited to subcategories, you need to set this on every category individually. I have a script that emails the managers and enforces restricted event creation on all public categories. If you are interested I can paste this here.

Yes please, I am interested by the script. My concern was mainly about how to do it efficiently for a category with a rather big/deep tree of subcategories.


Here’s the script:

You may want to remove all the CERN Users and email logic if you just want to update the categories (and otherwise update the email text and addresses of course).
In case you want to add a local group instead of a remote (ldap etc.) one, use GroupProxy(ID_OF_THE_GROUP) instead of GroupProxy('CERN Users', provider='cern-ldap').