Installation of Indico on Fedora Linux

Hi there all!

I would like to know if someone can help me with instructions to install in Fedora.

When I tried to execute the first command (yum install -y epel-release) mentioned here:

Then my Fedora Linux said that it wasn’t possible to find a match… :frowning:

Would you help me with if possible, complete instructions to install Indico in Fedora, please?

As far as I know, Fedora uses dnf instead of yum, so any command with yum might not work (or at least not as expected) on Fedora. The rest of the guide should probably work - but of course it won’t be as simple as just copying & pasting the commands from the guide as it would be the case with an OS we directly support.

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Easiest option would be to see if someone of your IT guys can set it up or whether they can install one of the supported distributions on the server.