Install with custom context path and/or port

I have several services running on one server and it is not possible to install Indico with default configuration (root on port 443 and 80 is already in use). I can fully control Apache proxy, but I could not find a working solution because I do not fully understand how this python plugin works and which port it actually listens to. Is it possible to install indico to custom port or use context path and then make proxy to access if from apache? If there is a way, are there appropriate indico/uwsgi/apache configurations available somewhere?

While we recommend using separate (virtual) servers for separate services, nothing stops you from running Indico together with other stuff on the same server.

Just follow the install guide but instead of using our standard Apache config, adjust it to your needs.

The important part is this:

XSendFile on
XSendFilePath /opt/indico
AliasMatch "^/(images|fonts)(.*)/(.+?)(__v[0-9a-f]+)?\.([^.]+)$" "/opt/indico/web/static/$1$2/$3.$5"
AliasMatch "^/(css|dist|images|fonts)/(.*)$" "/opt/indico/web/static/$1/$2"
Alias /robots.txt /opt/indico/web/static/robots.txt
ProxyPass / uwsgi://

But if you just want to run it on another subdomain, use the existing Apache, take our config and just use the subdomain in ServerName YOURHOSTNAME.

The problem here is that I can’t use / since it is already occupied. I will try to setup BIND and create a subdomain, but it requires learning DNS magic. Usually I just start a service on a custom port like 9443 and when I can configure everything else via proxy. But just writing base path with port does not seem to work (maybe something else is not working).

Subdomains do not require your own nameserver - just add a DNS record to the nameserver that’s currently used for your domain (e.g. indico IN CNAME yourdomain. so you can then use indico.yourdomain for it)

I do not have access to parent name server since I am using 3-rd level domain provided by university:

I’d try asking whoever manages that nameserver if they can give you either a subdomain or just a wildcard (* pointing to That way you don’t have to configure any extra services - and if I were your university’s DNS admin I wouldn’t like the idea of institutes running their own DNS servers for usecases that can be easily managed using the central one.

Well, it is certainly a possibility, but I fear that it will require some paperwork. I will return to the idea if nothing else helps and if we will decide to use Indico after all (we have alternatives).

Thanks for your replies.