Install indico into subdir

I am trying to install indico for our department, on a server that is already hosting our group’s website under a subdomain ([]). It is not easy to obtain a separate subdomain for indico, so we will have to visit indico using something like:

In this case, shall I use


during installation? I couldn’t find any documentation on this situation, and would really appreciate your assistance.

O\nce we release 2.2 there is one point you really have to keep in mind if you insist on using /indico instead of e.g.

Due to changes in the js/css build process, the packages we release will only support running in the URL root. The only way to run in /indico (or any other prefix that’s not /) will be building your own Python wheel, which of course makes maintenance and updating much more complicated.

So I think it’s much better if you check with whoever manages your DNS whether they can create a sub-subdomain for your indico instance!

I’m actually still testing on a server without a domain name, so I just modified my hostfile to give the server a sub-subdomain ( and proceeded according to the doc.

Now it installs successfully.

However, I just found that indico is taking over the entire web service of the server. Before installing indico I have http://server-ip to serve a static website. Now with indico running on, I cannot view the static website anymore. This remains the case even after I remove the domain name from my local hostfile.

I guess the indico-ssl_redi.conf and indico.conf files are just redirecting everything to indico? I have no other virtualhost before indico.

Is there a way to make indico and the (static) main site coexist?

Yes, configuring your webserver to host multiple sites using multiple subdomains is up to your and outside the scope of setting up Indico. We usually recommend people to use one (virtual) server for it - in that case there’s no need for setting up other vhosts etc.

Anyway, the setup guide there is just a guide to quickly get Indico running without having to be too familiar with setting up web servers. For any other setup like hosting multiple sites on the same machine, we expect people to have the necessary knowledge and then just use the indico-specific parts from the guide.