Indico Workshop 3 - Call for Venues

Indico Workshop 3

We are once again looking at the possibility of organizing the next Indico Workshop at a location other than CERN.

:calendar: Fall / Winter 2019 would be ideal, but it may be too ambitious depending on the location. Early 2020 could be an option. The ideal duration would be 2 days, including a morning or afternoon booked for a social activity.


  • :stadium: A venue with space for at least 30 people (we had around 20 people attending last time);
  • :projector: Computer projector and camera for videoconference;
  • :hotel: (Affordable) accommodation close by;
  • :airplane: Easy/affordable transport to destination (almost all participants typically come from Europe and airports with low cost flights would make it easy for everyone);
  • :bus: Public transport from/to accommodation/airport;

If your institute/company is willing to welcome a small yet merry group of Indico enthusiasts, please let us know through e-mail (:email:

If no one shows interest, we will then fall back to CERN like last time :smiley: