Indico to support calls and events on a long time period


THis is a general discussion.

I tried to implement a call for participations for events funded by our Campus during one year
My idea is to support the funding of projects and to give informations about the projects.
Some of these projects are academic events, other are not events but have a life long period of one year.

The campaign is called “2018 Campus Calls” :

  • it is opened to researchers members of 10 institutions that settle on the Campus
  • the call period is 3 month long
  • the events take part in 9 months on the Campus or outside the Campus
  • reserchers can apply to the call by giving textual information about the project (event or not) and a lot of documents
  • proposals are reviewed by peers in a informal (or more formal) workflow
  • proposals are accepted or not : the candidate is informed and signs a contract send by the Campus
  • the candidate can organize his event : Conference, Workshop / one or mode events and sub-events
  • the candidate can edit pages to give more information about his project (scientific results)
  • all this information (projects, events and results) can be published online

This process is now managed on our web site whith specific developments, but we’d like to centralize all this processes on one point.

The global idea is to use Indico to manage :

  • Academic events organized in our Symposium Centre
  • Academic events organized by our members outside the Campus
  • Non acamdemic events organized ojn our Campus
  • Projects funded by the Campus

I made a test to organize the annual campaign on the model of a Conference with :

  • period of one year
  • call management and submissions (3 month)
  • summary and articles (extra fields)
  • Shibboleth Authentication (Oauth would be useful, too)
  • Sub events

I think that the job could be done with a little work on the event model to make it less dependant of the Conference
I think that we could have a generic model (based on a conference) that could be adapted to meet our wishes
I also think that a plugin is not the solution (the work could be achieved i a generic way)

What dio you think of it ?

Do you think it could be a good idea to support funding management for events one a long period ?



This is what i tried to do and the limits i got in Indico Basic constraints

  1. Create a Conference (30/03/2018 --> 21/12/2018)
  2. Try to display the agenda
    –> the interface is very slow, the browser seems to stop the parsing process
    –> the agenda cannot be displayed
    –> when i post a abstract, the limit i set to 24 hours, but i have events that are n days long

I did not make more tests but i can if my idea takes support by the community :grin: