Indico and mailing lists

One of our users has asked if the following is possible -

Whenever a person registers with one of our events, we would need that

  • the person is automatically added to an Indico event users group
  • the person is automatically added to a Mailing list restricted to this event
  • the person is automatically added to a generic Mailing list (for all the events on this topic)

It would be great if the mailing list would be an integrated part of the Indico tool (plugin), or alternatively a 3rd party tool with supported API interface

If this is possible (either in 2.0 or planned for later) can someone please point me at the documentation or provide details.



You can implement this using a custom plugin. I think we do call the registration_state_updated signal also when creating a new registration, so you could run this logic from this signal handler.