Indico 2.x download files with Chinese name problem


When I use Indico 2.x, I have encountered some problems.

When we download a file with Chinese name, the name’s format of files downloaded is not correct, the prefix of filename is lost . i.e. a b
As we have such needs to download files with Chinese name, Is there any idea to solve it ?

(Uploading files with Chinese name is OK )

I appreciate any help.

(Uploading files with Chinese name is OK )

We’ve always been stripping non-ascii characters from filenames. Back then browsers weren’t amazing at handling unicode in download filenames, but nowadays we can probably change this… While we still want to keep ascii-only when storing files on disk (to avoid issues with file system encodings), sending the original filenames should be fine. Something for us to consider for 2.3 or 3.0 I guess.

TL;DR: For now there’s no way to preserve non-ascii parts of filenames.

We should definitely target this in 2.3 as it must make the user experience in non-latin settings quite annoying.

Could you please give some idea or clue ? Maybe, we would try to fix it by ourself now if it is possible :slight_smile:

When importing registrants or others from a CSV file which contains Chinese, the value of the imported fields are uncorrect. for example: t
Could it be fixed in the future version ?

Thanks a lot,

This problem has been addressed in release 2.3.