Indico 2.2 released

We just released Indico 2.2, which includes, among others, the following major changes:

  • A full revamp of the Room Booking system, detailed information here;
  • We have a new policy on browser support:
    • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported.
    • The last two versions of major browsers are fully supported. Check here for the lowest supported versions.
    • When using an unsupported browser a message will be displayed on top of the page warning users that their browser is outdated. Updating is also in their own interest since using outdated browsers exposes you to the security issues old browser versions usually have.
  • Indico 2.2+ can only be run in the URL root as, e.g. Running Indico from a subdirectory like is no longer supported unless you build your own packages.
  • Indico is now using the more permissive MIT license (instead of GPL).

For a detailed list of improvements, please check the changelog.

When upgrading, make sure to take the additional steps into account which are required during the upgrade from 2.x to 2.2!


After upgrading I noticed that 2.2’s plugin API is not backwards compatible with 2.1. I think I fixed some obvious cases of incompatibility, but still am getting a strange:

OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: plugin_path/static/dist/manifest.json'

error. I can’t figure out how to work around it.

Having a section of breaking plugin API changes in the release notes would be nice.

True, we didn’t document that :confused:

Anyway, to avoid that error you need to run python bin/maintenance/ plugin ../plugins/yourplugin (with the correct path to your plugin of course).

When you use this will be done automatically.

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