Indico 1.2 - event time changed when switched to standard time


The following is a user’s e-mail that I verified the issue on our indico v1.2 site. The events where all cloned from previous events:

I think the future meetings in my GlideinWMS category in indico changed start time from 10am to 11am after we switched to winter time.

I fixed today’s meeting and can di also the next ones. But I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong and it will change again in the future.
I have Default Timezone US/Central
And for the meeting Timezone US/Central

Is there a way that I prevent such time changes in indico v1.2?

Thank you

I’m pretty sure we fixed a timezone bug regarding cloning over DST boundaries at some point during 2.0 development.

Edit: Here it is. Included in all 2.x releases.

Then I need to wait until we move to version 2. of indico.