Import user from Active Directory in Local Group

Dear Administrator, we currently add members to local groups only after users log in to Indico using their Active Directory credentials. Is it correct, or can I import after searching for them in the “Directory” trought User section by clicking on the External option? Thanks for any support. Ciao Simone

We only allow adding Indico users that have a “full” Indico account (ie logged in at least once) to local groups.

Have you considered using Active Directory groups instead of local groups if you are already using AD/LDAP for login?

Yes, we are considering using AD groups but first I wanted to ask you to be sure of my opinion ;).

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Ah sorry, last question … is possible to obtain a messages/alert like user registration when someone perform Login with AD credentials ?



No, we don’t have login/registration notifications except when you have moderation enabled; then an email is sent to inform all admins about the new signup request.

But it would be pretty easy to write a plugin connecting to the users.registered signal though that sends an email whenever someone registers.

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