How to translate Indico


I’m getting familiar with Indico for my BEng Thesis and i wanted to ask about the process of translation. I don’t have to translate whole system, but i want to know what programs or other solutions are necessary to be used if i want to translate Indico.


we are using standard gettext/po files for translation. In python we use babel which just adds some nicer API around gettext and for the actual translation we use Transifex which provides an easy-to-use webinterface for translators (who are not always programmers or people comfortable with editing plaintext files).

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Thanks for fast answer and explaining how to translate Indico system.

You are right, my previous nickname looked very bad, so i followed your suggestion and changed it.

If you actually intend to start translating Indico (or help with it) then please, before starting at all, have a look at the relevant section in this forum:

If the language you want to help with is already present, just reply on the corresponding thread demonstrating your interest in helping out. Otherwise, feel free to create your own topic. You can check one of the existing ones to have an idea of how it works.