How to define the default timetable style for a conference

In our instance the default timetable style for conferences is “Default” which is not our preferred one (in particular as uploading material is much more cumbersome that with Indico style). Is there a way to change this default timetable style for conferences as it is the case for lectures and meetings (in the category preferences)?

Thanks in advance!


No, because “conference” events do not really have proper timetable themes - selecting any non-default theme will, in fact, show the timetable as if it was a “meeting” event (without the conference menu etc).

So this is not something we expect people to do a lot, except in a few special cases, hence no setting for it.

Thanks. In fact I’m pretty sure I already ask you about this a while ago… should be archived now!

The question could be then: any plan to adopt something close to the Indico style for the conference timetable rendering, in terms of general look and feel and with the buttons on the right. The current layout with a button opening another page where you find how to upload a document is not user-friendly IMO…