How to backup source code and database

Dear All,

Does anyone know what is the best way to backup source code and database of indico installation (production)?


You do not need to back up any source code (unless you have custom modifications, but those should be tracked in a Git repo anyway). In case of a restore to a new server, you would just follow the setup guide (which includes pip install indico) again.

For the database, any standard way of backing up Postgres databases will work (usually pg_dump; that’s what we use as well). Besides that you need to back up /opt/indico/archive since that contains uploaded materials etc. Backing up /opt/indico/etc/indico.conf might be convenient as well in case you need to restore, especially if you set up e.g. a SSO login, then having a backup of your config will make things easier.


thank you so much for your advice

You should also backup CUSTOMIZATION_DIR, if there are any customizations.

Ideally store any customizations you may have in a Git repo

Storing them in a Git repo and including them in the backup do not contradict each-other.