How can I add more user titles, and change welcome message?


I am new to Indico.

Please, how can I add more user titles to those in the dropdown list displayed when adding users? … This installation is for a religious order, with specialised titles and suffixes.

Also, how can I replace the welcome message displayed above the list of events?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’m afraid the list of titles isn’t customizable at the moment.

If you mean the “Welcome to Indico. The Indico tool allows you to manage complex conferences, workshops and meetings.” message, you could use the template customization feature for it to override the category_description block of categories/display/root_category.html with one containing a custom message.

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Thanks a lot, @ThiefMaster

Is CUSTOMIZATION_DIR an absolute or relative path ?

always use absolute paths in indico.conf; usually you’d use something like /opt/indico/custom

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Thank you very much.

Will try this.

Please, another question:

I have understood that the customisation needs to go in the <CUSTOMIZATION_DIR>/templates/ directory

Can I use any name, or a particular naming format is expected?

Enable CUSTOMIZATION_DEBUG; then indico should log to indico.log where you need to put your override template. Most likely it’s /opt/indico/custom/templates/core/categories/display/root_category.html in your case, and you extend from '~categories/display/root_category.html' so you only need to override the block.

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Thanks. So, just enabling debug will trigger the log, or I have to attempt to add a template first?

Will have a go soon as possible.

Reload uwsgi and access indico. With the setting enabled it will log information on how to override it whenever a template is accessed.