History of participation/registration of past events on different categories

Hi, I have a question about how the user can sign-in to the Indico and see the history of their past participation/registration of events on different categories. like the " Your categories" and " Happening in your categories" sections in the user profile.


Kindly could you please recommend the best way to let the user see his old/past registered events?


Hi all, does anyone have any recommendations?

Besides what the dashboard provides we don’t really have such an overview right now.

This may change in one of the next versions though since we’ll add some privacy-related features which will most likely include a way to see everything you are linked to.

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Thanks for your reply.
From where I can get that information APIs or Indico Database?

I don’t think we have any such API endpoint, but yes, you can of course get it from the database.

Does indico have documentation for the database such as data dictionary, logical, and conceptual models?

We have some docs here: API reference — Indico 2.3.3 documentation

But for a task like this you probably want to look at the code of the models itself…

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This what I will do, Thanks for your support.