Hidden registration link

I’d like to create a registration link for a conference which is completely hidden from view. The reason for this is that the actual registration date is over, but we would like to give the possibility of registering to a specific (large but restricted) group of people, without reopening the registration publicly.

I know how to create multiple registration links from the menu “Registration” within “Organization”.

However, if I schedule any of these to be currently open, a banner appears at the bottom of the main page of the event, which says: Application. Application for this event is currently open. Apply now

I’d like to give no hint whatsoever that such a link exists, so only people who know its existence can use it.

It does not seem to be possible to change the default CSS to prevent this banner from appearing.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


for that purpose you can use the “invitations” feature.


Hi Michal,

thanks for the tip, but this does not really solve it. Let me explain why: I do not want to invite a bunch of people one by one. What I want is to allow a group of people belonging to a mailing list to register if they so wish. These people are all the researchers of a certain institution (that is hosting the conference). I do not know the individual addresses of all of them and I do not want to spend hours searching for each of them and then sending 50 - 100 invitations. In fact, I don’t even want them to receive personal invitations, just to pass them a link to register.




hm, I see now. I am afraid it is not possible to do that without changes to the Indico source code.



I think this is a feature that should be added.

It is probably possible to remove this banner by commenting out a few lines of code, but most users do not have access to the source.



Feel free to open an issue or, even better, contribute a patch!

UPDATE: @kolodzie has already created one: https://github.com/indico/indico/issues/4295

Thanks @kolodzie for opening that.

Yeah, sorry I forgot to mention that here :wink: