Help with API - Extract registrants from an event via API


Sorry for the possible silly question. I am using Indico 2.2.2, which I am aware is an old version but I can’t afford to update it right now, and I am trying to extract a list of registrants of an event through the API. Although I am not sure, it seems this API is not documented and I am having a hard time in finding the proper endpoint.

I managed to find some old info about this matter, which I am going to list below, but I haven’t been able to work it out.

I’ve tried some possibilites, like these:

  • (webiste)/api/events/59/registrants.json?ak=xxx
  • (webiste)/export/event/registrants/59.json?ak=xxx

But none of them worked.

If anyone knows, I would really apreciate if the proper endpoint for listing the participants from an event can be provided.

Thanks in advance.

IIRC this API only works with an oauth token in v2.x, so I think you may be out of luck here…