Get statistics of additional section of registration section

Hi all,

I created an event for which people can register, and added a section in the registration form, below the personal data, to ask if they wanted to join for a group dinner, with a yes/no option.
I can see the stats for the registration, but I can’t find the answer to my yes no question.
How can I get it?



IIRC we do not show statistics for most fields. Certainly something that could be improved at some point…

For now the easiest option is to filter the list of registrants by that option and check how many selected it.

Thanks for the quick answer.
How do you get access to the data?
I can see the list of people that registered when managing the page and go to “registration”, but the table only has :
ID, full name, title, email, affiliation, registration date, state.

I don’t see how to filter with the option since I don’t see any information about that option.
Am I looking at the wrong place?

There’s a button to customize which fields to show in the table.

Hah, found it ! thanks a lot !