Get participant files

I am a new user and I have recently been working on Indico.
I’m using this plugin to export event data. ‘indico-mlz-export’
Everything works, except recovering the attachments of the file fields that I added to my registration form.
In the export API there is only the file name.
Some advice?

Thank you

Probably @bpedersen2 can shed some light on it?

As far as I can tell (by looking at the code) the API returns friendly_data for all fields which turns out to be the filename in case of a File field. You could probably extend the functionality of this plugin by returning the local path to the file.


Hmm. as we never had attachments we needed to export (it was implemented for a special payment interface) I never considered this case.

Probably generating data for File-fields could be adopted. Pull-requests are welcome.
The content should be either the local path or the correct download link most probably.


thanks for the answers.
I have to study to implement this function