Formating texts in registration/introduction header

I noticed that in the introduction of registration of a certain conference, they changed font sizes/colors and embeded urls to other webpages. Introduction is the first paragraph you are going to see in the registration page, just below the registration period/contact info line.

I wonder what kind of formatting language they used. Would it be markdown (then which version of markdown?) or plain html? I looked into the indico manual videos, but I could not find relevant information. “Markdown” was mentioned in several places, but I’m not sure if it applies to this case.

Secondly, I think it would be great to have a preview possibility of the registration page before making it public. Then I could test/modify the registration page and prevents errors before anyone supplies the registration information.


The introduction field uses markdown, specifically the python-markdown package, which implements John Gruebe’s syntax.

The registration introduction preview is a good feature to have, we will look into it.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Since Markdown allows some limited HTML in addition to the Markdown syntax, most likely they just entered the HTML tags for this directly.

Tip: Inspect the content using your browser’s dev tools to see what markup was used to format it.

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