Excluding some days from a meeting

We are organizing a meeting that will run from Thursday to Tuesday, except during the week-end. I was wondering if it was possible to create a multiple-day events, excluding some days (here Saturday/Sunday) to avoid empty days in the timetable.


Nope, there’s no option for this… But at least in the meeting view, do we even show empty days? Or are you talking about the management area?

I’m talking about the meeting view. Yes, days are shown as empty as long as nothing has been put in the timetable for these days… I’m pretty sure the case I mentioned arrives from time to time… would be great to have such a feature.

I just tested that a bit:
Meeting: empty days are skipped in the frontend (display) view for the default meeting view
Days are not skipped, and empty days show a full day (empty) instead.
=> just add a break, then at least not the whole days is shown anymore.

As all the rendering is done in a legacy js module, this may improve once the timetable gets a rewrite.

If you want to hack this, the rendering should be in:
indico/web/client/js/legacy/libs/timetable/Layout.js line 223ff ,
called in …/Base.js to provide infput for _draw (line 57ff)
Maybe draw could check if gets nothing and skip rendering.

That’s not for the meeting view though - that one doesn’t use legacy JS but just Jinja templates :wink: