Error with abstracts pdf

The requested URL /event/2/manage/abstracts/abstracts.pdf was not found on this server.
any hints thanks

Any errors in your webserver’s logfile?

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which log ? can you give any hint to get it

the error.log in /opt/indico/logs/apache/ or /opt/indico/logs/nginx/ (depending on which webserver you use)

[Tue May 29 22:51:53.821473 2018] [:error] [pid 5799] (13)Permission denied: [client] xsendfile: cannot open file: /opt/indico/tmp/indico-texgen-aRTQU_/report.tpl.pdf, referer:

That indicates some misconfiguration on your server: Your webserver cannot open the PDF file.

Which Linux distribution are you using? Is it using SELinux?

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it is Centos linux 7

Is SELinux enabled? You can run getenforce to check it (you probably need to do this as root).

If it’s enabled, see if you have an audit.log somewhere in /var/log and if yes see if there’s anything about rejecting access to the pdf file in it.

I run the command getenforce and it is desabled

Can you post the output of this command?

ls -ld /opt/indico/tmp/indico-texgen-aRTQU_/report.tpl.pdf /opt/indico/tmp/indico-texgen-aRTQU_ /opt/indico/tmp