Enabling search function and other plugins

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We are getting ready to do the upgrade to Indico 2.0 next week on our server and I just realized that we actually have an active plugin – Live Sync for Invenio, using BatchUploader – running on our current production instance (v0.98). I see that the plugins can be downloaded from https://github.com/indico/indico-plugins. Are there any instructions/docs for installing the livesync_invenio plugin for Indico 2.0?

Regarding the plugin:

First of all, unless you actively use Invenio I would consider not using the plugin at all. While we have a “search_invenio” plugin, it is currently unmaintained and at least partially broken (which is why it is not on PyPI and not included in indico-plugins), so using livesync_invenio would only be useful if you want to access your data directly from Invenio but not through the search function in Indico.

If you want to install the livesync plugin nonetheless, it should be enough to install the plugins as explained here in the docs: https://docs.getindico.io/en/stable/installation/plugins/

Then enable livesync and livesync_invenio. After having that done, you can go to administration/plugins/livesync and create the Invenio livesync agent. Note that it will re-send everything by default. If you want to skip this you could run this snippet in indico shell after creating it to mark it as having the initial export already done:

LiveSyncAgent.query.one().initial_data_exported = True



We will not use invenio based on your suggestion. Question- How do I enable the search function? Also, we are testing Indico 2.0 and here are some questions/requests from one of our users:


  • We would like the search feature to be turned on.

  • On the “Protection” page there is the ability to “Add User/Group”. On the CERN cite, the group feature is linked to mailing lists so that access can be granted to members of a mailing list. The BNL mailing
    lists should be linked into Indico.

  • There are video plugins. The Vidyo plugin should be enabled for those that use Vidyo. The dummy video plugin should be examined to see what is involved in order to add BlueJeans.



You need a search plugin for it, and right now the only available ones are the (broken and thus unreleased) invenio plugin and the CERNSearch one (which is not very useful without our search infrastructure)

Ideally, someone would implement LiveSync and Search plugins using something like ElasticSearch. I remember some people during the workshop mentioning they might be interested in contributing but I don’t think anything happened in that direction so far.

If your groups are in LDAP, you can configure Indico to expose these groups in Indico as well. That’s how it works for the CERN egroups.

Indeed, you can look at the vidyo and/or dummy plugins if you want to implement your own plugin to integrate with a video service.

Hello Indico dev team,

I’m revisiting this request from February as users are actively requesting a search function for our Indico instance (version 2.0.1) – https://indico.bnl.gov.

So, basically, the short answer here is that there are no working search plugins available yet? Just trying to get some clarification here to pass on to our users.


Unfortunately, we haven’t yet had the chance to check what’s going on with the Invenio plugin.
Maybe you want to give it a try and if you bump into any issues just post them on this thread? We cannot interrupt the work on 2.2 right now but would be glad to give you some hints.