Empty iCal File after Registration

Hey, so I set up a lecture and after the registration it’s supposed to attach an iCal file containing all necessary information that would also be sent in the mail. I used the setting to attach one from the general registration settings menu.
Unfortunately, the file is only 83 Bytes in size and contains only the following:


Downloading an iCal file from the event page contains information on the event, but not those which are supposed to be sent to registered participants.

Is the event access-restricted by any chance? I think there’s a bug where we do not skip the access check in this particular case and thus only include fully public events in the ical. Easy to fix though and you’re lucky because we’re going to release 3.2.3 one of these days which will contain the fix for it (if that’s indeed the reason why the ical file is empty).

OK I tested and this bug indeed happens with protected events. This will be fixed in 3.2.3:

The event is publicly available. So that fix is just maybe going to help. Isn’t it that the iCal file sent via mail also includes the Message for complete registrations? Or how can i change the content of it? Because i want to have information in it that is only meant for participants.

Can you link to the event since it’s public?

I don’t think we include anything related to the registration in the ical file. It’s just attached to the registration mail.