Do not send email notification for registrants automatically

Dear All,
We need to configure the notification email sending for conference registrants, but unfortunately, I can not find, where can I do it, since we migrated our system to 2.0.3. We would like to send this confirmation in the separately email (together with other information), our “Notifications for registrants” block is empty, but it seems, the emails goes automatically, after every registration.
Please, could you tell me, how/where can I take off it?
Thanks a lot,

This is being done using the create_registration function which is called from class RHRegistrationForm. That function accepts a notify_user keyword argument which is not used right now - we always unconditionally send that notification. But if you wish you can change that easily on your Indico instance. Anyway, i think we could make that configurable at some point.

Thank you for your quick reply. I check it.


I’m new to Indico. I have the same need, I would like to to know if after the change the code has to be compiled and if there is a reference I can follow to do that.



There is nothing that needs to be compiled, but you need to reload uwsgi after editing any of the files. Also, keep in mind that all code changes are lost when updating to a newer version.

Thank you for the advice and your guide!. I’ll implement the change and keep aware of the implications.

An additional question on this subject: how can I disabled the submission of automatic meeting participant confirmations once them are accepted???.
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment - when accepting someone’s pending registration, Indico sends an email about the updated state of the registration immediately.
Even if there was a way to disable the email - if the registrant checked in Indico they’d see that the state is no longer pending but complete (or awaiting payment)…

Thank you for the reply.
As a workaround, is there a template for this confirmation email so I can customize it?.

After following the logs I’m seeing that there is a call to registration_state_update_to_registrant.html

However I’m not seeing the call to render completed registrations. Where is such message rendered???.

{% extends 'events/registration/emails/registration_creation_to_registrant.html' %}
{% block registration_body %}{% endblock %}

{% block subject_message -%}
    Registration {{ registration.state.title|lower }}
{%- endblock %}

{% block registration_header_text -%}
    Your registration {{ render_registration_info() }}
    is now <strong>{{ registration.state.title|lower }}</strong>.
    {{ render_text_pending() }}
    {{ render_text_unpaid() }}
{%- endblock %}