Dist packages problem

I have a problem generating eggs. The system get dependency import from /etc/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages instead /etc/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages. Because of this, after building, I get an error File "/tmp/easy_install-YUrUAo/pyparsing-3.0.0a1/pyparsing/core.py", line 166 nonlocal found_arity, limit. I was able to find out that this version of the package is not supported in python 2.7 and that the dependency versions should be changed to 1.5.7. Should I configure something additional?

How are you installing it? It doesn’t look like you are using Python 2.7 with a virtualenv as documented in our install guide: https://docs.getindico.io/en/stable/installation/

Also, eggs are obsolete. If you want to build an installable indico package yourself, build a wheel instead (using the ./bin/maintenance/build-wheel.py indico --add-version-suffix script)

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Thank you, wheel work currencly but i have now other problem. I get 502 instead error page how i can debug app on production? I get the exact error when I ask about the access token but I can’t check it.

check indico.log and/or trying to run indico shell to see if there are any startup errors.

Also, if you are on CentOS, check if Error 502 after upgrading to CentOS 7.8 applies to you (we need to update the setup guide to include this :/)