Developement installation - need help

hello, I followed the guide(install guide-developement)
webpack watcher is working well but server isn’t work.

./bin/maintenance/ indico --dev --watch

indico run -h -q --enable-evalex

However, if I type in the address bar, it will be loaded indefinitely.
I would like to know why it is loaded infinitely. And can you tell me how the server can work?
sorry for my bad english, I used a translator and I hope you understand :frowning: .

Not sure… Try restarting the indico run server (and verify that you don’t have any old zombie versions of it running, ie ps aux | grep indico to look for other instances and kill them if needed).

Also, check that indico itself works fine, indico shell and e.g. Category.query.all() in there to confirm that initializing indico and the DB connection works.