Define default filter for the rooms list


Is there a way to define a default filter for the list of rooms of the room booking module?
If not, can I override the “List of Rooms” top menu item of the room booking from

thanks in advance for your help,

Rémi V.

Technically it is of course possible but you will have to modify Indico source code:

diff --git i/indico/modules/rb/client/js/components/Menu.jsx w/indico/modules/rb/client/js/components/Menu.jsx
index cbf2ab44d4..651e0923e2 100644
--- i/indico/modules/rb/client/js/components/Menu.jsx
+++ w/indico/modules/rb/client/js/components/Menu.jsx
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ const menuItems = [
-      path: '/rooms',
+      path: '/rooms?building=<building_id>',
       icon: 'list',

Ok, thanks for the answer !