Customization of E-Mails not working every time

Hello together,

I am using some customization for some e-mails. My Problem is now connected to the Abstracts. Sometimes when I am configuring the e-mail templates. The e-mail is customized and sometimes the e-mail is not customized and sometimes even only partly customized because for example the “default_notification.txt” is not customized but the “default_reject_notification.txt” part in the e-mail is customized. When I am now deleting the template and adding it again with the same properties it sometimes changes to the correct statement and sometimes not. So for me it is completely random. Because that cannot be the workaround to just delete them and then add them again I want to ask if someone knows there more about that.

Greetings :slight_smile:

Templates are cached (after first use), so you need to restart indico after editing the templates.