Customising Indico 2.2


I’m porting our plugin/theme from 2.1 to 2.2 and am doing some refactoring at the same time. I would like to drop the CUSTOMIZATION_DIR setting and just use the signal plugin.get_template_customization_paths to override existing templates.

But our current theme also contains some other folder, not only /templates. The Structure looks something like this:

+ scss
  - site.scss
-  static
-  templates

As the asset building process has changed in 2.2, is the scss subfolder in CUSTOMIZATION_DIR still supported?

Where are this SCSS files located that are overridden (site.scss)?

Is there a way I could include the scss folder directly in the plugin (not using the CUSTOMIZATION_DIR setting)?

What would your general advice be in approaching this kind of customisation with the changes in 2.2? We need to change the header/footer, fonts and colors.

The signal only works for templates, but you can inject your js/css bundles into WPBundleMixin using self.inject_bundle() in the plugin. That way you can even use SCSS etc. instead of being limited to just plain CSS.

For the CUSTOMIZATION_DIR the folder is now named css and supports only *.css files (without SCSS), since there is no asset build pipeline available anymore on the server.

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Can you update the manual ? In it is still named scss folder. Are there any other limits for customization with the new version 2.2? We use css, static and template customization

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OK we missed updating that part of the docs :confused: We’ll fix that…

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Hey the path for the own logo is not working anymore. For the old configuration 2.1.8 was working:

LOGO_URL = ‘/static/custom/dkfz_logo_hauptseite.png’
real path: /opt/indico/dkfzdesign/static/dkfz_logo_hauptseite.png

How must the LOGO_URL look like for 2.2 ?

I actually mentioned this in the updated docs linked above :wink:

First rename the folder:

mv /opt/indico/dkfzdesign/static /opt/indico/dkfzdesign/files

Then in the config, use the new URL:

LOGO_URL = '/static/custom/files/dkfz_logo_hauptseite.png'
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sry :innocent: but thanks a lot for the fast response

Thanks for the tips!

inject_bundle() doesn’t work for us, because we have also a custom login page and inject_bundle() is not available on the login page. I think I will generate locally the css from scss and just use it.