Custom email templates - participant name

I’m trying to customize the email for registrations, I’m noticing it’s possible to use for example {{event.title}} for the name of the event, {{event.url}}, etc. What would be the name of the variable for the participant name???.
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There’s a list of valid placeholders below the textarea…

Available placeholders
{event_link}: Link to the event
{event_title}: The title of the event
{first_name}: First name of the person
{id}: The ID of the registration
{last_name}: Last name of the person
{link}: The link to the registration details

Thanks a lot for your reply. Very valuable information!!!. Best regards!.

I’m noticing these placeholders are for submission of emails from the registrations lists. What I’m trying to use are custom templates, particularly for registration_state_update_to_registrant.html and registration_creation_to_registrant.html.

Are these variables available from these templates from the coding point of view???.

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registration.full_name (or .first_name / .last_name) should do the job there

You are correct …it does the job!!!. Thank you very much!!!