Custom CSS in Indico 2.2


At our institute we are currently running indico 2.1.8 in production with some custom css and logos. I wanted to take a look at the next release so I built a custom wheel from the current master branch.

But I am having issues with our custom style sheets:

In the production uses the following files:

  • /opt/indico/custom/scss/e5-theme.scss
  • /opt/indico/custom/static/logo.png (mapped to /custom/static/logo.png)

To get the logo working I had to change it accordingly:

  • /opt/indico/custom/files/logo.png` (mapped to /custom/static/files/logo.png)

But for some reason the style sheets are not picked up. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In 2.2 it’s css/*.css.

Since we switched to the webpack build pipeline (ie assets are built locally) we no longer support SCSS for customizations.

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Thanks! This works. It seems to me that these files are cached. Do I have to restart indico each time I make changes?

IIRC. we don’t cache them, but I’d have to check the code to be sure. Anyway, try reloading with ctrl+f5, maybe it’s just your browser’s cache…

Yes clearing the cache fixed the problem. Thanks.

Mh, the above mentioned paths are not clear to me…

I got

and I have to change that to
and converting the files from scss to css? Or am I missing something?

Yes, that’s correct.

Alright. Did that, no change what so ever :confused:
I did clear the browser cache as well. What am I missing? Runing 2.2.5
edit: Geh…just reloaded and everything is in place…forgive me :wink: