Create new payment api request on indico

im new to python. i wanna create new payment method which is using api on indico. i have the api source code (python request).

my first idea was using plugin indico-payment-manual. i put the payment url there. but the api only accept post data so i cant directly send the data by put it as param on the url. then i try to create new page on the indico which have the button that will call the api. but im stuck because i dont really knw how to create new page on indico.

hopefully you can help me by giving idea how to create plugin using python request or how to create new page on indico

You may want to have a look at the other payment plugins, such as paypal or sixpay…

u means i can copy the code and change the variable value? is there any more simple code that i can refer? i have the .py file that return url which user can go to do the payment

Well it’s not as simple as changing a value. If you want to integrate with an external payment system, you need to write your own plugin - and using one of the existing plugins is a good starting point.

If really all you need is POST instead of GET to load your payment page and do not need any deeper integration: Simply create an external page that takes the GET arguments from the payment-manual plugin and forward it to your actual payment site as a form POST.