Conference with PDF abstracts?

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I have set up a new Indico instance, and I am trying to work out how to organise a conference which requires a two-page “extended abstract” for evaluation. When I set up a “call for abstracts”, I only seem to be able to accept text for the abstract. On the other hand, I can’t use the “call for papers”, because people cannot upload papers unless they have had their abstract accepted.
Is there any way I can adjust the configuration of Indico to handle this case?


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you should be able to allow file uploads for abstracts as well ( Abstracts-> Submission->Settings->Allow Attachments). That should probably fit your needs.


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Thanks @bpedersen2, that was correct, and it is indeed possible to request file uploads at the abstract stage.

Hello! Sorry to resurrect this old thread.

I had the same question, and I have seen @bpedersen2 's solution, which works. However, the UI to inform the submitters of this workflow is a bit lacking. In the submission window they still see a big “content” window which accepts rich-text, and I cannot edit text in that pane to let them know that this is not the way they should write their abstract for this conference. In addition, the “content” field is mandatory and the file attachment is not, which sends the wrong message.

Is there a way to communicate better the “abstracts-as-files” workflow? For instance, hiding the “content” textbox, making the attachment mandatory, and adding a text field to that pane in which I can specify instructions like “submit a .tex file prepared with this (link) template and no longer than 2 pages”.

You should be able to set the content field to ‘disabled’:
Call for Abstracts -> Abstract fields -> edit ‘Abstract content’

or rename it to e.g. ‘Summary’ and limit it to be very short ( as this is displayed e.g. in the contributions list as well)

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Great, thanks! I had missed that window.